About Us

Our priority is to proactively facilitate professional and safe firearm services in order that we may continue to meet and exceed customer expectations. We ensure that every client is properly certified in First Aid/CPR.

We are military veterans and retired police officers with decades of experience in lifesaving techniques and firearm usage. First Rising Training Center’s mission is to educate and train individuals to properly administer First Aid/CPR, as well as to facilitate effective, responsible, and safe firearm services to keep you and your family safe.

At First Rising Training Center, we are committed to advocating for gun safety measures while maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. We aim to empower our clients to handle potential emergency situations that may arise, and ensure that our clients are properly certified in First Aid/CPR.

Leadership and accountability are staples of our company. We safeguard client safety throughout each course, and strive to deliver exceptional services that exceed customer expectations.

We offer flexible scheduling aimed at meeting each client’s need.